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Letting a property... in detail:

  • Lets will be 12 month Assured Shorthold Tenancies, with a 6 month break clause.
  • Employment, personal, credit and other usual references required. 
  • Only applications from non-smokers will be considered.
  • Tenancy application and assessment fee may be of 30.00 to cover the Credit Reference Agency.
  • Rent payable by bank standing order monthly in advance.
  • Security deposit required equal to 6 weeks rent.
  • No charge for tenancy renewals.
  • Rent reviewed yearly for renewing tenants
  • Cleaning & check out costs (on leaving) approx 120.00.

Once you decide you would like to rent a property we will ask you to pay an application fee of 30.00 and complete our Tenancy Application Form. The application fee covers the Credit Reference Agency costs and is not returnable, even if an application fails. The Tenancy Application form asks for bank, employment, personal and current landlord (if applicable) details and other relevant personal information. It authorises us to make enquiries to verify the information provided, to request references and to conduct a credit check with a credit reference agency. (You can view or download a copy of the Tenancy Application Form here.)

Once your application has been satisfactorily assessed we will prepare a formal Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and contact you to arrange signing. (A sample text of the tenancy agreement can be viewed here.) Payment of the security deposit will also be requested on signing of the Tenancy Agreement (due in cleared funds before start of tenancy).

The property will have been professionally cleaned for you at the start of your tenancy. Our independent Inventory and Check-in Service will prepare a property condition schedule (an independent record of the condition of the property when you move in) and agree its accuracy with you on the day you take possession. 

If you wish to renew your tenancy on expiry there will be no charge for a new tenancy agreement. Our policy for renewing tenants is review the rent annually (so there will be no change to rent on your first renewal). On annual rent reviews we may adjust the rent to reflect current market rent for similar properties.

At the end of your tenancy the Inventory Service will check you out, and re-assess and agree the the property condition with you. The property will then be professionally cleaned ready for the next tenant and your security deposit returned less the cleaning and check out costs (usually around 120.00) and possibly a further reasonable deduction for any damage or missing items identified by the Check Out service.

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